About company

Workshop Since 1995, "Janković" art foundry has been casting, machining and welding non-ferrous metals (bronze, brass and aluminium). Casting of industrial and less complicated pieces is done by using sand casting technique (natural and CO2 sand).

We are using lathe or mill for pre-machining of industrial casts, and we are issuing certificates for CuSn14 bronze!

Chiseling Welding Artistic and more complicated industrial pieces are being cast using lost wax casting process. Wall thickness of pieces cast in lost wax is around 4 to 5 mm. We are using red bronze (with high copper percentage) for casting art pieces, which simplifies patinating process (brown, red or green patina). Lost wax molds are removed by using a combination of rubber and plaster. For firing molds, we are using 2 electrical furnaces, smaller one is 0.6 m3 and bigger one is 1.9m3. Whole process of making bronze pieces - mould removal, wax model making and retouching, welding, chiselling and patinating - is beeing overseen by piece author.

Casts are being welded using latest generation TIG and MIG MAG welding machnines - with double pulse current - without fractures, deformations or porosity.

Models (mostly for cast plaques) are produced by using CNC mills based on technical drawings!CNC milling machineCNC milling machine